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Treemendo: plant trees & connect to nature2021-04-05T13:22:10+01:00

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Plant in our new
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Growing forests with us has many upsides

Remove CO2e from the atmosphere

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We plant for social & environmental impact.


Creating habitat
for species


Providing jobs and

healthy living conditions


Capturing greenhouse


Connecting people
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We answer your questions.

Can I visit my tree(s)?2021-01-27T10:00:22+00:00

Yes! We encourage you to do so! If you can get there by public transport, by foot or bike. We will share the locations of your trees and forest. Plan you trip carefully and enjoy. We always try to plant our forests on publicly available land, so that you can visit them. We don’t want to encourage you to take a flight, or car to visit the forest. If it is too far to get there sustainably, enjoy your forests digitally through our updates and stories.

How many trees do I need to plant?2021-01-27T11:28:18+00:00

As many as possible of course. Ever heard of the great Johnny Stryker? He planted over 2 million trees and is still going. A typical European would do with 47 trees every year to compensate for their carbon footprint. Are you average though?

Can this stop climate change?2021-01-27T10:00:36+00:00

Planting trees is a necessary step to fight climate change. We need massive change and one of these is restoring our forests. However, action on all fields is needed to stay below 1.5 degrees temperature increase.

How do we monitor our impact?2021-01-27T11:28:27+00:00

We keep track together with our partner nature organisation of everythings that happens in the forests and publish all our impact on our website. We also go and visit our forests on a regular basis and use scientific models to estimate the carbon content of trees. If you have any questions, reach out to us, and do have a visit to one of our forests to check for yourself :-).

How do we put your contributions to use?2022-01-20T12:51:43+00:00

As a charity registered in the Netherlands 100% of the money goes towards our mission. All our revenue goes directly towards achieving our goal: to create a strong network of forests and people. Our profit is measured in impact, and this is reflected in how we spend your money. Transparency and trust are core values of ours.

How do you ensure the trees are protected?2021-01-27T11:27:50+00:00

We select our partners with a lot of care to ensure that the forests are protected. These partners check up on the forests regularly and are experts when it comes down to taking care of healthy diverse forests. We sign agreements to ensure the protection of the trees.