About Treemendo

Our Team

Treemendo is founded by a group of friends: Joris Olde Rikkert & Charlotte Hopmans, with the help of Sven van Aspert, Marijn van Asseldonk, & Nikki Kluskens.

joris olde rikkert

Joris Olde Rikkert

As a climate physicist and designer, I am aware of the destructive effects of climate change, and how disconnected from nature people feel. By founding Treemendo we can fight both.

Charlotte Hopmans

Feeling connected to nature is crucial to our wellbeing and a sustainable future. As an international connector & natural go getter I translate my passion for nature into concrete results to create positive climate impact with Treemendo.

The Nature Network


Treemendo is part of a non-profit foundation. We envision that we will develop more impact organisations and projects like Treemendo, that is why we have called the foundation ‘The Nature Network’. The Nature Network foundation is the legal umbrella of Treemendo, and of future projects. Read more on the foundation:


The board of our foundation

Nikki Kluskens


Sustainable development and policy expert focused on systematic change and participation. Nikki is the chair of the foundation.

sven van aspert

Sven van Aspert


Sven is a strategist and the creation of value, which is not only measured in money, is what gives him energy each day. Sven is the foundation’s treasurer.


Marijn van Asseldonk


Marijn is a passionate ecologist with incredible knowledge on the interaction between society and ecology.  Marijn is the foundation’s secretary.

Core values

In everything we do, our values and impact always come first.


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