Technical co-founder & back-end developer 

About us

Treemendo enables customer and companies to plant and own forests. We address some of the biggest problems in afforestation & climate change by enabling users to purchase and plant trees, through a gamified planting and forest experience, via a mobile and web application.  Using different sensors we are able to recreate the forest for the users. With the funding of people we planted our first forest in 2019, and are aiming to plant 1 million trees in 2020. 

Placement: London or remote working 


  • Lead back-end development. You will be leading the development team of 3,  two front end developers and you. 
  • Your short term goal is developing the back-end of the first version of the Treemendo app (front end already in place, made in Unity); the long term goal is building and extending the full Treemendo platform for democratization of reforestation
  • Handling (live) forest- (sensor and api), and users data & databases
  • Managing and commissioning 3rd party front end development

Relevant Experience

  • Bachelor’s degree in computer science or computer engineering or equivalent experience
  • 3 years game-for-mobile software development experience
  • Having worked in a startup / scale up is a plus


Skills and Knowledge

  • The ideal candidate will be strong in all back end aspects: handling of data, databases, data structures, server communication.
  • Main languages Python and c#
  • Deep understanding of software performance considerations
  • Significant knowledge of common algorithms, data structures and patterns, and their application
  • Proven ability to analyse unfamiliar code of a reasonable complexity to understand, extend, refactor and optimise an existing module
  • Proven ability to debug defects of a reasonable complexity, including memory related issues, multi-threading
  • Understanding of the constraints and technical requirements for mobile development within their area 
  • Experience in handling with personal data, GDPR and database structures
  • Experience with integrating data from apis and python driven sensor modules
  • Experience with network and network security
  • Familiarity with front end design: 
    • iOS: Experience developing and deploying iOS and software applications, ARkit or
    • Android: Android SDK, ARcore
    • Webgl
  • Sufficient understanding of front end design: translating mockup designs and demo versions by UX/UI designer to scalable, distributable and cost effective apps is a plus
  • Understanding of most areas of mobile game development 
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills (English)
  • Professional work attitude and good timekeeping and planning ability
  • Ability to manage and mentor others
  • Ability to discuss with and give feedback to design lead


  • Part time: 2-2.5 days a week and growing to full time (negotiable)
  • Starting asap

What we offer you:

  • Co-Founder role and a stake in the company
  • Crucial role in the start up 
  • Growth opportunities
  • Minimal financial compensation (we can’t pay market rate salaries yet as we are prefunding)
  • We empower you to make positive societal and environmental impact

Is this you and do you want to enable many people to plant forests?

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