people are rethinking the future

People are revising their and society’s future. This could be the moment to shift direction and realise breakthroughs for good. Time to speak up.

Forced halt

The corona crisis offers opportunities to change our fundamental assumptions and attitude towards nature. The pandemic has already put the world to a halt for several weeks. This makes that we have time to think about the future and wonder how we can reshape our world after the crisis.

Research: majority revising life

I&O Research shows some remarkable results: 62% of the questioned Dutch people admit that they revise things they value in life. Slightly more than one third (36%) argues that our country needs to learn from this crisis. Although these results seem to be positive, 47% of the people fear that the situation will remain the same after the crisis.

Stand up, speak up: new blog

As people are revising their stance towards the essence of life, this could be a moment to shift direction and realise breakthroughs which are beneficial for climate change mitigation. That is why I believe that this is the moment to stand up.   

We need to inspire others, share articles, and make sure we are heard. For myself, and as part of our mission at Treemendo to connect people with nature, I will definitely continue to speak up. Expect more articles soon, here and on

Will Covid-19 change our attitude towards nature and society? What do you think?