doughnut economy amsterdam

This is the time for change. The frameworks are here, the technology is here, all we need to do is show courage and turn these plans into reality.

The answer lies in the Doughnut

The city of Amsterdam is one of the first to implement the Doughnut model to transition from a linear towards a circular economy.  Last night, Pakhuis de Zwijger hosted an online talk/meetup with Kate Raworth (author of Doughnut Economics) and Marieke van Doorninck (deputy mayor Amsterdam), where they elaborated on the practical implications of the regenerative framework.  Raworth and city representatives highlighted the essence of the model, which is centered around not overshooting planetary boundaries such as air pollution, biodiversity loss and freshwater withdrawals. These planetary boundaries are translated to city level and concrete steps for implementation. Simultaneously, the Doughnut requires Amsterdam to not fall short on its social foundation by taking into account for example (social)housing, health of citizens and employment opportunities.

Transition with confidence

It was great to see how confident the representatives of Amsterdam were about the implementation of the framework. The city is one of three first cities that will experiment with it. The transition towards a circular economy only succeeds when people are willing to pioneer, without knowing whether it will lead to success or failure. The case of Amsterdam is already inspiring others: Raworth shared that she received over 200 messages of other cities and even countries to implement this framework. This means we can expect more cities to follow.

Time to be brave

As I shared in my previous post, the crisis is a moment for reflection, and to consider what we should value in life. Maybe this also counts for your personal life; you lost your job and/or are looking for a more purposeful one. Or you are looking for ways to reduce your personal emissions by adapting a greener lifestyle. Whatever you pivot to, pioneer with confidence and hold on!

Photograph: Doughnut Economics Action Lab