Our first live tree talk: The hidden life of trees.

Last Monday we were invited by our partner AGREEn to host a workshop about trees. This animation of the Wood Wide Web couldn’t be left out from our live tree workshop. That trees talk was discovered by Dr. Suzanne Simard. The amazing animations by Marshmallowlaserfeast show the interactions between trees and what we can’t see with the naked eye. Trees communicate with each other via their roots and fungi. Dr. Suzanne Simard was the first to discover this. At first, fellow scientists ridiculed her for the idea. But, Simard persisted and proved them wrong. Trees even use this communication to warn each other when giraffes are approaching to eat their leaves. 

This and more interesting tree facts were covered in our talk. Rewatch our first live tree talk here.

Our community has asked us to do more talks! Expect more scientists, entrepreneurs and more in our tree talks soon.

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