Why Sven joined Treemendo and how his experience in the Amazon drives him to restore forests.

Why did you join Treemendo?

“When Joris told me about his idea, I was hyped! I enjoy pioneering and especially with a business that has a strong purpose that resonates with mine. Besides directly creating a solution to climate change, I saw the huge potential to transform markets and remind people of the forgotten beauty of our planet. Moreover, I have a history with the team. Working with these fantastic people inspires and motivates me to bring Treemendo to the next level!”

What is your background and how will you use this to realise impact for Treemendo? / What will you add to the Treemendo team?

“I have a background in business administration and strategic management which allows me to analyse markets and environments. Working experience as a consultant helps me to find sustainable business models. I will focus on discovering opportunities for Treemendo to enhance the impact that we make”.

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What is your favorite moment in nature?

“About one year ago, I experienced the beauty of the world’s largest rainforest: the Amazon. It was amazing to see how rich the biodiversity is and the variety of wild animals that live together. Sometimes, it felt like walking through film scenes of Avatar as I was stunned by the immense size of trees. Moreover, it was great to see how much knowledge the Ecuadorians have about nature and wildlife. Their symbiotic lifestyle earned my respect!”

What is your favorite tree?

“I really like chocolate which makes me a fan of the cocoa tree. Did you know that not only the cocoa beans (when roasted) are delicious? The fruits of this famous tree are also fantastic! They are just like sweets. The best part of this tree for me is that it creates shared value: for the planet and farmers will earn some money with the harvest of cocoa beans”. 

Where can we find you if you are not busy improving the world step by step?

“Most of the time in Nijmegen and its beautiful environment. Although I live in the city centre, I enjoy being outside the city for a stroll, a workout or mountain biking. Watching the sunset from the riverbank is one of my favorite routines to finish a busy day”.