Why Charlotte joined Treemendo and how her deep interest in the outdoors drives her to restore the connection between humans and nature.

Why did you join Treemendo?

Natural climate solutions are the solutions to all the excess carbon in our atmosphere. Sequestering it is needed and can be done by nature based solutions. Especially by these great innovative machines called trees!

 To learn more about these types of solutions and to explore my relationship to nature as an urban citizen I followed a course (during lockdown) on urban nature; connecting cities, nature and innovation. I knew I wanted to work with nature more and improve the relationship we as humans have with it. Restoring nature and restoring people’s relationship to nature and each other go hand in hand I believe. This is what makes working at Treemendo such a great match for me. I’m looking forward to scaling up this movement with Treemendo and work towards that improved relationship with nature”.

What is your background and how will you use this to realise impact for Treemendo? / What will you add to the Treemendo team?

“My background in International Business has helped me to look for opportunities that allow us to grow as a social enterprise and brand internationally. Having worked as a business developer for several social start-ups, I have made a significant impact in building partnerships and connecting the right people at the right time. I will use this and my experience in sales, marketing and communication to help Treemendo grow not only as a team and social enterprise but also as a brand. A real start-up requires flexibility and a hands-on mentality, which I’m definitely bringing to the table. However, the team works together on all areas whether it’s in marketing, sales, management or partnerships. We really make this impact together”.

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What is your favorite moment in nature?

“This question is hard! There are too many favourite moments. I was lucky enough to explore New Zealand, backpack through amazing places in the Americas, do yoga in the Blue Mountains and admire Iguazu Falls. I particularly loved hiking and camping in Patagonia, Chile. During our at least 15km hikes every day we really experienced the magic of Torres del Paine. The seasons changed every couple of hours. We experienced snowstorms, heavy rainfalls, beautiful sunny times and 80km per hour winds every day! This trip really made me realise that we as humans have nothing on nature, are very dependent on it and need to take care of it. Since we didn’t bring many things because we had to carry everything, we drank the water from the mountain rivers and sought shelter under trees. An unforgettable trip!”

What is your favorite tree?

“In the garden of my childhood home we have an apple tree. I remember I always loved playing underneath and around it. This tree was especially fun to watch in summer when all different kinds of birds were feasting on the apples (until our dog decided to play along). And not only this specific apple tree in our garden is interesting to me. There are more than 7,500 known cultivars of apples all around the world and apple trees can become 100 years old. I LOVE food so the fact that we can make so many delicious things from apples is amazing: pies, juices, jams, syrups, sauces, ciders and so much more. Not to mention, legend says that Isaac Newton was sitting under an apple tree which helped him come up with the law of gravity”. 

Where can we find you if you are not busy improving the world step by step?

“I like to paint nature and meditate while listening to nature to relax and unwind. As a true Dutchie I also love cycling in the local natural areas, my favourite being the Amsterdam forest. This is also a really cool space to walk in and meet friends for picnics. One of my childhood friends works close by and makes delicious coffees! It’s such a crucial place for me to connect with nature and friends since I live in an apartment in Amsterdam without a garden or balcony. When I do leave Amsterdam I love camping and outdoor sports”.