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Real time sensing

We deploy smart sensor modules like the Ai Catcher in our forest to measure and recreate the forest experience in real time.

Real time sensing

We deploy smart sensor modules in our forest to measure and recreate the forest experience in real time.



Unanswered questions, tips, remarks?2019-12-03T01:20:03+00:00

Send us an email to with your questions and comments.

Can I volunteer or help in some way?2019-12-03T01:14:07+00:00

Yes, we realise that the most impact can be made together. We would love you to get involved. Shoot us an email to, and be sure to ask your friends too!

Wait, do the digital trees represent real trees?2019-12-03T01:11:49+00:00

Yes! Every digital tree planted or claimed in the Treemendo app represents a real tree. Handle with care :-).

Can I plant my own tree?2019-12-03T01:10:22+00:00

Yes. We will send you an invite through the mail to help us with the planting. For logistical reasons, for instance because of dependency on the whether and the tree nurseries, we can’t guarantee that you can plant your own tree, we hope you understand.

How do I know my trees are being planted?2019-12-03T01:06:54+00:00

We invite you to come and visit. We will provide you and your tree with a unique tree tag. This includes the GPS locations, so that you can find your unique tree. You can visit your tree also through the app, see the owners of the neighbouring trees, and keep track of the trees growth.

When will my trees be planted?2019-12-03T01:01:09+00:00

The time between your donation and the actual tree planting will vary depending on the region you have chosen and the time of year. Planting usually happens during the rainy season, when the soil provides optimum conditions for tree survival.

Can I visit my tree(s)?2019-12-03T00:59:09+00:00

Yes! We always try to plant our forests on publicly available land, so that you can visit. We don’t want to stimulate you to take a flight, or car to visit your forest. If it is to far, enjoy your forests digitally through the app. If you can get there by public transport, by foot or bike: Use the GPS locations to find your trees. Plan you trip carefully and enjoy.

Are Treemendo forests protected against fire?2019-12-03T00:51:41+00:00

Our forests are foreseen with firebreaks. We do want to establish a tree guarantee fund in collaboration with a sustainable bank as guarantor to replant a forest if it was ever needed.

Who owns the land?2019-12-03T00:49:04+00:00

In most cases Treemendo partners with landowners. Our forest our mostly located on community owned, state, and private land. Regardless of the owners, we always sign agreements to secure the long-term protection of the forest.

How often are the planting sites monitored?2019-12-03T00:46:55+00:00

We are continuously monitoring our planting sites using satellite images and on ground sensors. We provide you with real time updates through the app.

What happens when my tree dies?2019-12-03T00:45:18+00:00

We strive for a survival rates of 90% for the first year, this is internationally a high forestry standard. After planting we will manage the trees to check their health. We might develop a way for you to improve a tree’s health remotely. If one of your trees dies, it is mere bad luck. If you are worried about your trees survival we suggest you buy a variety of trees in different locations to spread the risk.

What is the age of the trees when they are planted?2019-12-03T00:41:47+00:00

Depending on the location, and survival rates of young trees, the saplings are planted from 4 to 24 months of age. We strive for a survival rates of 90% for the first year.

What is the current rate of deforestation?2019-12-03T00:39:23+00:00

20 billion trees a year are cut down. As a whole only 10 billion trees are regrown every year. We are still losing 10 billion trees in total. Though, progress is made. It is not to late to reach 1 trillion extra trees by 2050.

How many trees do I need to plant?2019-12-03T00:35:22+00:00

As many as possible. Ever heard of the great Johnny Stryker? He planted over 2 million trees and is still going. A typical European would do with 47 trees every year to compensate for their carbon footprint. Are you average though?

How much carbon is stored in a tree?2019-12-03T00:33:01+00:00

The carbon sequestration of a tree depends on the species and the local climate. A tree sequesters on average 150 kg carbon in 20 years.