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Business Forests2022-04-09T17:07:59+01:00

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Growing a company forest with us has many upsides

Remove CO2e from the atmosphere

Grow your own forest

Create habitat for wild life

See your impact brought to life


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How much of the money goes to forest action?2021-01-27T22:58:55+00:00

Our profit is measured in impact, and this is reflected in how we spend your money. Transparency and trust are core values of ours. All our revenue goes directly towards achieving our measing to create a strong network of forests and people.

Can I offset my company’s entire carbon footprint?2021-01-27T22:59:03+00:00

Absolutely! This requires some extra calculations and time though, that is why we have made it easy for you. As there is no time to waste, please start by offsetting your average employees emissions with Treemendo (we included a wide safety margin in it to make sure we cover your emissions).
For those that really want to get in to the nuts and bolts of their organisation and calculate precisely how much you emit, brilliant! Please send us an email to plant@treemendo.com

How is a climate positive crew calculated?2021-01-27T22:59:11+00:00

The average carbon footprint is around 10 tonnes of CO2 per year, we add a good amount of margin to be climate positive.

What is a climate positive crew?2021-01-27T22:59:16+00:00

A climate positive crew is when every person in your organisation has their entire carbon footprint offset because they work for your organisation. The carbon footprint includes your employees’ emissions at work in office and/or home, during business travel, and their personal emissions.

Why choose Treemendo?2021-01-27T22:59:24+00:00

We created this service to enable companies to contribute to the climate and biodiversity emergency.
We run this non-profit platform to help your company to run climate and nature positive.
We allow you to connect with your forest and can track how it grows. In this way you are assured that your contribution goes towards this mission.

Check out our Mission page for more details on the above.