Native To
The Bird Cherry is native to northern Europe and northern Asia.

Height & Age
It can grow up to 16 meters tall and the oldest Bird Cherry is now around 150 years old, it’s located in Poland.

Fruits & Flowers
When the Bird Cherry blooms the beautiful small white flowers are in large clusters and appear with the leaf shoots. The flowers of the Bird Cherry have a really pleasant almond-scented smell and the flowers are hermaphroditic, meaning each flower has both male and female parts, and  are pollinated by bees and flies. The flowers appear during Spring around April. After being pollinated by insects, the flowers develop into reddish-black, bitter cherries. Like wild cherry, the spring flowers provide an early source of nectar and pollen for bees. The cherries are eaten by birds and mammals.

Fun Fact
The black fruits can be used for making liqueur or for dyeing wool.