The Europea Hornbeam is relativeley drought and wind tolerant and somewhat tolerant of environmental stresses. A good match for The Netherlands since it’s both very windy and very wet.

Native To
It’s native to Western Asia and Central, Eastern, and Southern Europe, including Southern England.

Height & Age
The Hornbeam is a broadleaf tree and can grow up to 32 meters. The trees can become around 150 years old.

Flowers & Fruits
The hornbeam flowers in the months of April to May. As it’s monoecious, the male and female flowers of the Hornbeam always appear on the same tree. The tree is essential for different types of butterflies, the cockchafer but also birds are happy with this tree because of its seeds. The Hornbeams nuts serve as a food source for different types of mice like wood mice and dormice.

Fun Fact
You’ll recognize this tree in Autumn by its bright yellow leafs. It will drop them immediatly on the first freezing days of Winter though. The tree is commonly used in hedges and it’s still used to cover walks of gardens. You’ll recognise them when you see them (as they’re often pruned into strange shapes).